11 Quick Home Remedies For Sinus Infection

Around 35 million Americans suffer from the Sinus Infection(Sinusitis) also known as sinusitis every year.

Sinusitis is basically an inflammation, or swelling, of tissues lining the sinuses leading to nose infection. Moreover, Sinus can also result in mucus build-up and sometimes pains badly.

Now, those who are suffering from sinus congestion, then you know that how uncomfortable it is – nothing is worse than a stuffy nose.

In most of the cases, the sinus infection can simply leave you running to find a decongestant; however, in the worst case, it can lead to surgery to remove an abscess that has developed because of the sinus infection.

The Sinusitis is the 5 most common medical diagnosis for which antibiotics are prescribed. Since antibiotics for sinus infection is very common conventional treatment; however, the majority of sinus infections are actually the result of cold or viruses.

Now today we’ve shared a lot of home remedies for sinus infection, which mainly includes home ingredients, saline nasal sprays, essential oils as well as supplements.

All these herbs and oils are scientifically proven to be the most effective medication against the sinus infection.

Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

Though doctors can prescribe proper OTC medications for the sinus infection. You can take palliative actions as well as home remedies to help you combat this noxious infection.

However, you need to go to the doctor if the sinus infection remain after a week of trying home remedies.

Garlic – A universal Antibiotic

Garlic is one of nature’s best antibiotic medicine gift. It is an excellent way to naturally treat your sinus infection, even as it prevents you to get infected sinusitis.

You can take garlic supplements for 12 weeks during the cold season from November to February. Now those who take garlic are less infected with sinus congestion.

Moreover, a regular garlic taker if getting infected by sinus will have chances of faster recovery than the placebo group.

However, those who don’t take garlic had many chances of contracting with the cold again within 12-week treatment.

Besides all these things for health promotion, the World Organization recommends a daily dose of two to five grams of fresh garlic regularly.

You can even take 0.4 to 1.2 gram of dried garlic powder, or two to five milligrams of garlic oil or garlic extract to prevent sinusitis.


Steam can be the best home remedies for sinus infection which can help you to fix other respiratory issues like influenza and sinusitis.

Inhaling steam can help you to get rid of the sinus congestion, and the good news is doctors themselves recommends doing steam while suffering from sinusitis.

Now to make it easier you need to use the steamer and fill it up with the boiling water and put your head down over the nozzle, and then place a towel around your head and try to inhale the steam.

Be sure that the steam will not have any room for the steam generated to escape. Gradually, try to breathe freely. You can take the steam of thyme and peppermint a type of antiseptic herbs.

We would also recommend you to inhale the steam of carom seed (Ajwain) with water for about 2 to 3 times a day.

Keep your face at least 8 to 10 inches from the hot steam bowl so that you don’t burn while inhaling the steam.


Another home remedy for sinus infection mentioned on our list is the use of Onion. We all know that Onion is the powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals which empowers the immune system of the body.

Undoubtedly, Onion is loaded with health benefiting properties which surely help you to get rid of the stuffy nose.

Now you’ve to smell the peeled onion for 5 to 7 minutes which clears your nasal congestion and thus facilitates you with relaxed breathing.

This home remedy for most of you is very much annoying but believe me it can help you to get rid of sinusitis quickly.

Crushed Ginger

Ginger is another best cures for the stuffy nose. You need to crush the ginger and make a tea or just a mug of lukewarm water with 1 spoon of honey.

Actually, ginger has high-inflammatory properties and proves to be super useful when it comes to opening the clogged nasal passages.

Now, for compress, you need a slice of ginger root, and boil it with at most two cups of water for around 15 minutes and then soak it with a fresh washcloth in the brew.

Once you brewed the crushed ginger entirely, you have to place it on your face gently for the maximum of 15 minutes.

Apply Warm Compresses

You can use the warm compress to help keep the nasal tissues moist, Dr. Rizk says. You can even fill a deep bowl or pot with steaming water and place your face over it with the towel around your head to breathe the steam in.

Be careful while you are using warm compresses as it can burn you. Moreover, you can also follow up the warm compress with the cold compress, and thus it will help you relieve from the sinus infection.

This home remedies for sinus infection can surely help you to get rid of sinus congestion. Basically, it clears your nose and helps you to remove a cough from your lungs.

Mustard Oil

One of the oldest home remedies for sinus infection is putting mustard oil in your nose. Mustard oil basically helps your nostrils to get rid of the clogged nose to a great extent.

You just need to put 2 to 3 drops of slightly hot mustard oil in your nostrils.

Now, you need to follow this step with utmost care and attention for useful results. Be careful while putting oil in your nostrils.

This home remedy can work for almost every person and thus help you to get rid of Sinusitis infection quickly.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Ripe grapefruits isolated on white background

The Grapefruit seed extract has potent antiviral properties which help you to prevent Sinusitis.

Due to the antiviral properties, you can easily find Grapefruit seed extract in most of the nasal and throat sprays.

Moreover, the primary biological compounds in a grapefruit seed are responsible for destroying infectious invaders.

We would recommend you to use grapefruit seed extract nasal spray four times in a day. This home remedies for sinus infection primarily works before you’re getting infected with sinusitis.

Basil Leaves

Almost everyone knows about the medicinal properties of basil leaves. This well-known herb can help you to get rid of the stuffy nose as soon as possible.

Now you need to collect few fresh basil leaves and chew at least 4-5 fresh leave in the morning.

You have to take these basil leaves in the morning before breakfast, and for faster results, you can eat these basil leaves in the night as well but after your dinner.

Apart from all these things you can even take these basil leaves with your morning tea. These medicinal leaves can surely help you to get rid of sinus infection.

Pungent Spices

Pungent Spices with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can help you in breaking up and draining out the congested mucus.

You can spice such as Cayenne Pepper, horseradish can be mixed with the Apple Cider Vinegar and lemon juice to form a mucus dissolving elixir.

Now as an alternative, take 1/4 teaspoon of freshly grated horseradish root and hold it in the mouth for few minutes. Wait until the taste of root entirely evaporated, and then swallow the root completely.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential to proper function of the immune system and protects the whole body from getting infected.

It helps you to fight against the infection as well as viruses. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C can also help you to guard your cells against free radical damage.

Actually, free radicals are found in the things which can develop the sinus infection, example air pollution &  smoking cigarettes.

We would recommend you to take 1000milligrams of vitamin C three times in a day.

Black Pepper

The last home remedies for sinus infection is taking pepper to cure yourself of the stuffy nose. You need a black pepper and a tablespoon of honey with high boiled water.

Black Pepper actually, has many medicinal properties such as it can help you to cure your eyes.

Now, to get rid of the sinus infection you need to take black pepper with honey in boiled water and drink the mixture to get relief from a stuffy nose quickly.

The outlook for Sinus Infection

The Sinus infection symptoms can be painful and uncomfortable.

Moreover, using any traditional treatment methods like decongestants as well as pain relievers, alternative home remedies for sinus infection can also boost up your recovery as well.

Now, if you still experiencing sinus pressure symptoms after a week, or scenarios are getting more worse and worse than you need to inquire your medical condition from a doctor.

It could be a sign of a more serious infection which may require prescribed antibiotics.

The natural home remedies above can help you relieve sinus infection and any related discomfort. You can also speed up your recovery with all these home remedies as mentioned earlier.

Give us your feedback and share it with those who are suffering from the sinus infection.

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