Life Care Hacks is all about the easy remedies for the daily life problems. It’s about the simple tips and tricks which makes our life amazing. We believe that physical health and simplicity in mind are crucial for finding happiness in life.

My name is Therese Carter. I live in Richmond, Virginia with my loving husband and 2 kids. In this blog, I believe that with effort and consistency we all can unleash our true potential. I’m positive about everything that’s happening in life. I like to write in my free time. I like to talk about various topics with my friends. I love listening to the crazy stories of my kids. I write about the hacks which make our life easy. I focus mainly on the health, hygiene and peace of mind. Most of the tips on this blog are from my experiences. I had learnt these remedies from Grandmother and when I experimented, they worked miraculously. A friend of mine suggested me to start a blog where I can share various hacks I had learnt throughout my life. A humongous problem can be solved with a simple hack. In this blog, you’ll find articles about achieving simple mind, great health, home remedies for diseases, habits formation, self-improvement etc.

So, that’s the brief introduction of myself. Check out the articles on my blog and comment if you are interested in a good dialogue.

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